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Simple Homemade Gnocchi – Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary

It’s so easy to make gnocchi at home. Just a few ingredients mixed together, a little therapeutic shaping and a few minutes in a pot of boiling water and you have the base for all kinds of gnocchi recipes. Toss it in pesto, serve with bologneseor make it easy for me gnocchi with chorizo ​​in harissa coconut sauce†

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What is Gnocchi?

Gnocchi are basically small dumplings made from mashed potatoes, flour and egg. They sometimes contain other ingredients, such as herbs or seasonings.
They are of Italian origin and are often eaten in the same way as pasta (but it’s not pasta) – with a sauce or tossed in butter and garlic.
They cook very quickly – just boiled in boiling water for a few minutes – until they float.
They can then be eaten, or for extra flavor you can fry them in butter/oil until they are a nice golden brown.

A brilliant way to use up leftover mashed potatoes! A good scoop (300 g or a little more than a cup) of mashed potatoes can make enough gnocchi for 4 small or two large servings.

What do we need?

Ingredients for making gnocchi on a wooden board.
  • Mashed potatoes: Your mashed potatoes should be chilled and relatively dry (not too much butter and cream/milk – if you’re making the mash specifically for gnocchi, I wouldn’t add any at all.)
  • Flour – all purpose flour works best. We need just enough to keep the gnocchi from falling apart, but not so much that the gnocchi texture becomes ‘sticky’. You may need to adjust the amount of flour depending on how dry/moist your mashed potatoes are.
  • oil and egg to bind the mixture.
  • A little salt and pepper for taste.

πŸ“Ί Watch how to make it

Full recipe with detailed steps in the recipe card at the end of this post.

PRO TIP I recently tried using frozen mashed potatoes (from the frozen supermarket aisle – bought it at Sainsburys and Ocado, but have also seen it at Tesco, Waitrose and Iceland) – just weigh it, thaw it and use it as part of the recipe. It works great!

Gnocchi is formed using the back of a fork on a floured plate.  Around the fork are pieces of gnocchi.

Look at those lovely little dumplings!!

Homemade gnocchi in a slotted spoon, added to a dark bowl.  There is a blue napkin around the bowl.

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Gnocchi is cut and shaped on a wooden board.  There's a fork in the bulkhead - used to roll

Easy Homemade Gnocchi Recipe

It’s so easy to make gnocchi at home. Just a few ingredients mixed together, a little therapeutic shaping and a few minutes in a pot of boiling water and you have the base for all kinds of gnocchi recipes.

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 3 minutes

Total time 18 minutes

Class Dinner, Side dishes

kitchen Italian

Portions 4

calories 216 kcal


To make the gnocchi

  • Place the mashed potatoes in a mixer fitted with a dough hook or beater.

  • Add the flour, egg, salt, pepper and oil.

  • Beat slowly until a firm dough forms. (SEE NOTE 2)

  • Sprinkle the work surface with flour and divide the dough into 4 balls. Shape each ball into a long sausage.

  • Cut the gnocchi rolls with a knife into 2 cm pieces.

  • Roll the gnocchi along the back of a fork into ribbed pieces (see video).

To cook the gnocchi

  • Working in two batches, place the gnocchi in a large pan of boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes, until they float to the top of the pan.

  • Remove with a slotted spoon.

✎ Notes

NOTE 1 – The flower
You want to use just enough flour so that the dough doesn’t get sticky. If you add too much flour, the gnocchi may be sticky, but too little and the gnocchi will fall apart during cooking. You may need to adjust this slightly depending on how moist your mashed potatoes are.
NOTE 2 – Mixing the dough
You mix by hand in a bowl if you don’t have a stick blender. Mix until the dough just comes together, with the flour fully incorporated.

Can I move forward?
I don’t really recommend making gnocchi ahead of time. A few hours is okay, but after that they can turn a little gray in color and get a little tacky – making them harder to handle.
If you do want to make it a few hours in advance, make the gnocchi, place in a single layer on a baking sheet and refrigerate. Then cook straight from the fridge.

Can you freeze gnocchi?
Yes, gnocchi freezes well. Simply make the gnocchi and place in a single layer on one (or two) baking sheet. Cover with cling film and freeze.
Cook the gnocchi in boiling water from the freezer until they float to the top.

How to scale up and down this recipe?
Scale this recipe up or down, keeping the same ingredient proportions. If you are making more gnocchi, keep in mind that it will take longer to cook all of the gnocchi because it needs to be cooked in batches.

Nutritional value is per serving – this recipe makes 4 small servings.


Calories: 216kcalCarbohydrates: 41GProtein: 7GFat: 3GSaturated fat: 1GPolyunsaturated Fat: 1GMonounsaturated Fat: 1Gtrans fat: 1Gcholesterol: 41mgSodium: 38mgPotassium: 332mgFiber: 2GSugar: 1GVitamin A: 59IUVitamin C: 8mgCalcium: 21mgIron: 3mg

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